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junkie. “All my colleagues knew him as a person of remarkable character,” said Davis, Cheap nike jerseys a former chairman of the King County Republican Party. “I wasn’t at all surprised when he got involved in politics. He had community service in his blood.” Even in the midst of the ethics uproar, Freed was thinking about service. In late March he sent an email to Bothell Christian leaders inviting them to meet and talk about how they could help city residents with marital problems, financial worries, addiction and abuse. “I have a deep desire to see the City of Bothell have a rekindling of faith in Jesus Christ, a vision you all share,” Freed wrote. He signed the letter: Joshua Freed, Mayor, City of Bothell. Asked about the letter, Freed said he didn’t see any conflict between state and religion, between public office and private belief. “A lot of people who need help won’t walk through the church doors. This was a way to think about how we might reach out to them,” he said. Freed, a Republican,
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Articles Connexes:

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